I arrived at Enchantment Resort fresh off the frustrations of the past year and ready for a much-needed reset. I was eager to unwind, let go, refocus, and narrow down on the things I genuinely wanted and set new goals. And what better spot to do this than at the heart of beautiful Boynton Canyon!

You feel the energy of the red rocks the instant you drive into Sedona. The scenery is surreal, and it did not take me long to realize the “vortex” hype was true as I instantly felt a sense of calmness and positive energy. Located just 20 minutes from downtown, Enchantment Resort combines the rugged grandeur of the Southwest landscape with luxurious amenities and Native American culture. I will never forget swimming in their famous pool glancing around at the most photographic backdrop I have ever seen.  

Hiking the magnificent red rocks

My favorite morning was renting a mountain bike and exploring the nearby trails. You can find everything from beginner to advanced. I witnessed views that made me cry, stumbled on the side of a canyon and I could not stop taking pictures of the views. People were extremely friendly- which was helpful because I completely forgot sunscreen! Luckily, I came across a hiker willing to share. It is very hot and dry this time of the year- sunscreen is a must.

My mom and I took a watercolor painting class by a celebrated artist with works of art in the Smithsonian! We sipped local wine while working on our masterpieces. I forgot how much I enjoyed painting and shutting out the outside world. And promised myself I would continue to paint when I returned to Denver.

Enchantment Resort offered complimentary stargazing one night and what a great place to view the stars! The entire sky glistened, and it was educational hearing about the constellations and star clusters while peeping through a telescope. The stars were not the only impressive display- the food was (in my opinion) the best in Sedona. I could not get enough of the scallops, grilled chicken sandwich, smoothies, and poolside pina coladas!

I was hesitant to sign up for a pink Jeep tours- I mean what kind of name is that?! But I’m so glad I listened to the reviews and took the leap! This is a great activity for any adrenaline addict. It was equal parts thrilling and scenic. Although there were moments I held on for dear life- I enjoyed the views, laughter and awesome photos we got.

Jeep Tour around Sedona

On our last day we hiked Cathedral Rock on a Vortex Tour and it was an experience like none other! We learned about the history of this gorgeous place and why it was a famous “vortex.” I do not want to give anything away-but as we sat and did a guided meditation I was transformed. The guide asked us to consider what “abundance” meant to us. The goals I had set for myself shifted, as I realized what I thought I wanted was not what I genuinely wanted. And suddenly it became clear what is truly important to me.

Abundance to me means having the space and opportunity to do the things that set my soul on fire. Abundance means being able to help others to be the best version of themselves. Abundance is continual personal + professional growth, without apologies, and striving forward always in the quest to be the best and truest version of myself. Abundance is having good mental and physical health and not taking either for granted.

Cathedral Rock Vortex Hike

Thanks for the lessons Sedona <3